Land Clearing

Land clearing involves removal of trees, vegetation, brush, and other obstacles. There are a variety of reasons for land clearing, and depending on the goals, size of land, and type of vegetation, a number of different methods can be used to clear the land.

Purposes of Land Clearing

Fire Prevention

California fire season can be harsh, and in areas prone to wildfire, especially certain parts of the East Bay hills, land clearing is not only recommended, but required. By removing excess vegetation, the risk of a quickly spreading wildfire is greatly diminished.


Housing, commercial and other construction development can necessitate land clearing. CBC Tree Service has experience partnering and working for various agencies and companies to provide land clearing in preperation of future development

Methods of Land Clearing

Mechanical Clearing

For large-scale projects, heavy machinery such as bulldozers, excavators, and mulchers are utilized to quickly and efficiently clear vegetation and trees.

Manual Clearing

For smaller scale projects with smaller vegetation and less obstacles, manual clearing with hand tools and other equipment is utilized.

Chemical Clearing

With chemical clearing, herbicides are used to eliminate vegetation. This is the preferred method for land clearing in areas with challenging terrain.

Prescribed Burning

In many locations, controlled burns are used for land clearing for fire prevention purposes. This method promotes the regeneration of certain ecosystems and reduces the risk of wildfire.

Best Times for Tree Pruning

The Dormant Season

By trimming during in the dormant winter season, after the leaves have fallen, tree stress is minimized. During this time, the tree is less active, which makes it the ideal time for structural pruning and shaping.

The Growing Season

Certain tasks, such as correcting structural issues or dead branch removal can safely be performed during the growing season.

Environmental & Other Considerations

Soil Erosion

In areas with steep or sloping terrain, removing vegetation can lead to increased soil erosion, and erosion control measures such as retaining walls are critical to preventing and mitigating the issue.

Biodiversity Impact

For bigger spaces, consideration of the conservation of biodiversity is critical, and may involve habitat preservation or future restoration efforts. Responsible land clearing takes wildlife into account.


Through reforestation, habitat preservation, and the use of environmentally friendly methods, sustainable land clearing minimized the impact on the environment.

Compliance with Regulations

Many cities in the East Bay have strict regulations in place regarding land clearing, defensible space and fire prevention measures, and adhering to these regulations helps protect your property, other people’s property, human life, and the environment.

Employing responsible land clearing practices involves considering various environmental factors, in addition to complying with local regulations. 

CBC Tree Services has the experience and equipment to efficiently clear land for future development, or to reduce fire risk. Please call 925.222.9139 or request your quote online for land clearing. We look forward to hearing from you! 


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