Tree Removal

Trees add beauty to the natural environment, in addition to providing oxygen, shade, and habitat for various species. The decision to remove a tree is never an easy one, but is sometimes necessary. There are a number of reasons why removal is the best option.

Reasons for Tree Removal

Disease and Decay

When a tree is suffering from disease or decay, it is actually a risk to other nearby trees. In such cases, removal is the best option for preventing the spread and risk to other trees.

Structural Issues

Multiple trunks, weak branch unions, tree that lean, and trees suffering from other structural problems present a hazard, and removal is often necessary to avoid property damage and increase safety.

Dead or Dying Trees

Dead and dying trees pose a number of health and safety risks. Dead trees often become a breeding ground for pests and fungi, which can spread to other trees, or result in falling branches.

Land Development or Construction

Trees are often removed to create space for construction, roads, and other development. While healthy trees are worth preserving, sometimes removal is completely necessary.

Safety Concerns

Depending on where a tree is located, for example, near a road, building or power line, removal is the safest play, especially in place where storm, winds, and other adverse weather conditions are common.

The Tree Removal Process

Assessment and Planning

Before cutting down a tree, an assessment that considers various factors such as the trees size, structural integrity, potential safety risks, and the tree’s location in relation to property and the surrounding is completed.


Depending on your city or county, the type, or age of a tree, getting a permit for removal is sometimes necessary. The team at CBC Tree Services is well- versed in navigating these requirements on a city by city basis, and we will make sure all local guidelines are followed before your tree is cut down.

Safety Measures

Tree removal is a dangerous process, and safety of our workers and your property is tantamount. CBC takes special precautions to ensure the process goes as safely and smoothly as possible.

Tree Felling or Sectional Removal

When developing a plan for tree removal, the size of the tree is an important consideration. Bigger trees are usually removed in sections to minimize risk, while smaller trees can be brought down as a whole.

Stump Removal

Strump removal is optional, but usually recommended. It is a separate service than tree removal, and typically involves grinding the stump to eliminate what’s left of the tree after it has been removed.

Tree Removal Challenges & Considerations

Tree removal is a complex task that requires expertise and specialized equipment. Professional tree services like CBC play a crucial role in ensuring the safe and responsible removal of trees.

Proximity to Structures

When trees are located near a structure, power line, or other property, the removal process can be become much more complication, and careful planning and execution is critical to the safe removal of your tree.

Emergency Situations

After big rain and wind storms, trees often fall, lean or become structurally compromised. Quick and immediate action is sometimes necessary to preserve property and reduce risk to human life.

Environmental Impact

Trees provide us with so much, from shade to beauty, and removal can often harm local ecosystems and wildlife. To reduce the negative impacts of removal, replanting healthy trees and preserving existing vegetation is sometimes a good idea.

Our team has years of experience accessing trees for removal, dealing with local regulations and permitting issues, putting together a tree removal plan and implementing it with precision. Balancing the need for tree removal with environmental preservation is crucial for maintaining a healthy and sustainable landscape.

CBC Tree Service can help you safely and efficiently cut down trees that pose a risk to other trees, property, and human life. Call 925.222.9139 or request your quote for tree removal online. We look forward to hearing from you!


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